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Nice features, nice-heavy material, bad dye-job!

Great, heavy material, fine stitching and detail--only problem is, the patina-dye process is far from acceptable. Out of the box, beautiful pants; follow the wash & dry instructions, it's a different look. The dye process IS SUPPOSED TO fade like jeans but, wash them like it says: cold cycle, inside-out and when you take 'em out, and dry on low setting, they have noticeable streaks throughout the fabric and looks as if you rolled into a pile of drywall dust or mud! They always look dirty, honestly and I am not the only one that says this, many reviews on REI, say same thing!! Kuhl's Web site, they must monitor the reviews and they don't have any bad comments on the dye-streaks--but the reviewers do say they run big. The 2nd Kuhl Ryder pair (as exchange), from TA as a replacement, same and even worse color-fade streaking! As if, they wrinkled in the wash and there the streaks appear! I called Kuhl and they said, it's the patina-dye process and you are to wash them alone for first couple of washings to minimize the streaking of the dye. Well, 4 washes, cold, by themselves, and no difference! According to Kuhl, most all of their pants use this dye-process. I told them the TA, Kuhl shorts I purchased last year, ran smaller than these pants do and never had weird-streaking of the same color of dye, like these crazy-pants series has! Kuhl says this Ryder heavy-duty series, as their other heavier-material ""The Law"" pants series, use the same patina-dye process that can wrinkle/crease in the wash and the wrinkles/creases, then cause noticeable color-streaks that are lighter than the original color. The after-wash-look is so, so different from the new, from the box look. If you buy these, remain cautious when you wash them and know, they do run larger in the waist-size, quite different compared to other companies/competitors.