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Prana shirt with TTA spirit

Oddly makes me want to go to Vegas to play cards when I wear it. Strange... ;) So this is not a TTA shirt, but you would not know it based on the construction - all the striping and diamonds are actual thread and stitching all in good TTA form! Shirt is soft and comfortable. Looking at Prana's site, this one is made to be worn untucked. I'm 5'11" and got in Medium and can tuck it when at the office, but it pulls out very easily. For me the sleeves are also just a tad short. I purchased the "Tan" color which is really more of a white exactly as the picture shows. The colors are actually spot on in the web pictures. Great summer shirt! Based on construction and style I'll give it a 5, but take note of the wearing limitations (which is intended it seems) and of course the "not low" price tag.


Dallas, TX