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Awesome sandals

Best sandals I have ever owned. But first my story which could be helpful to those figuring out what size to order. When I first ordered online, I ordered my true size. The next day I was re-checking out the ad when I noticed several reviews mentioned the sandals ran small and it was therefore suggested to order a size up. Which I was able to do before my order shipped. When the sandals arrived, they seemed to fit perfectly...I was so pleased I'd ordered up a size. But then after a week I noticed the sandals seemed too big. Maybe they stretched naturally, but whatever, they didn't feel as if they clung to my foot very well and the back heel seemed a good inch longer past the heel of my foot. So I made the executive decision to return the sandals for my true size. Replacement sandals arrived about 4 days later. Right out of the box...they felt small...too small. Oh no, what had I done? I did not want to have to return a 2nd pair of sandals only to have them return me the size I had originally. So I pushed my feet into them hard, and recalling the experience with the first pair, trying to get them to stretch a bit. Wasn't sure at first if they were going to respond and was starting to have exchanger's remorse. But then I thought back to the original pair and how they seemed to loosen up a bit and stretch over time. So I figured I would be patient and see if they would. And have they ever. They gave just enough to let my foot settle in. And now it feels like they have just formed right around the feet for an incredible fit. Some people may prefer the look of the heel of the sandal extending beyond the heel of the foot. If so, then they should order the size up. But if you want your sandal to be form fitting and to contour around the outline of the heels and toes of your feet, then order your true size. In any event, the return of the first pair and exchange for smaller size was handled flawlessly. And I'm sure that if I had totally lost my mind and decided to return the 2nd pair to go back to the original size that I originally ordered...they'd have handled that exchange too. At the end of the day, I am wearing my true size and happy about it. These sandals are SOOO well constructed I can see them perhaps outliving me. Though I will give them a run for their money.


Kansas City