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Attractive & Durable

If I need to know the time, I have a phone, so I don't wear a wristwatch. Instead, I do have several bracelets, (silver & leather), that I never take off. I was immediately attacted to the turquoise & purple design when I saw it in the catalog. My only concern was that at a 1/2 inch in width, it might be a little bulky. I decided to ""go for it"". Upon receipt, I was impressed with the intricacy of the design. It truly seems to be hand woven. It is sturdy and easy to manuever to the shape of your wrist. I haven't taken it off since I put it on. It has worn well through showers, bike rides, and gym workouts. it is DEFINITELY durable. One thing, ...... the first several time it gets wet, you'll know it is made from real horse hair! :)



Richmond VA