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Plays well with others

I love Territory’s colors, fabrics, and textures. Unfortunately, a majority of Territory styles do not flatter my body type. (Collars, please, Territorians? Slim skirts maybe?) However every Territory scarf that I have purchased has been a winning wardrobe workhorse. (Try saying that ten times very fast.) And so I purchased this scarf on the hunch that it would earn its keep. This beauty exceeded my expectations. Fabric and width make it easy to dress up (little black dress) or down (warmth at the neck of a denim jacket). The colors are a bit deeper than in the picture: a dark azalea pink, dark berry, deep grape, bright red, mossy green, turquoise, and (huzzah!) black. Black dress and evening coat; jeans and black turtleneck; Christmas red shirt, black pencil skirt, boots and tights--I have no trouble thinking of ten outfits I could pull out of a holiday suitcase and polish off with this scarf. Well-played, Territory Ahead. Bravo.


Orange, Va