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Fabulous in Rose

Ordinarily I don't wear red or pink, but the style of this top, with its beautifully embroidered bib, and the deep rose color, was so appealing I overcame my bias and bought it. This is one of the most perfect purchases I have gotten from TA: the color is exactly the same as shown in the picture of the garment without a model, and it fits perfectly, especially the sleeves. (I have heavy upper arms, and sometimes long-sleeved clothes are too tight, but these are a comfortable fit.) Both the design and color are very flattering to my dark hair and pale complexion, and the neckline is great for necklaces. Now I'm sorry I didn't get one in gray, since I have two pairs of gray slacks, but this one probably looks better with them due to the fabulous color.


Valdosta, GA...or wherever I happen to be at the time