About Us

"Well, I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and civilize me and I can’t stand it. I been there before." - Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

So much surrounding clothing involves strong yet ever-shifting boundaries and clear-for-the-moment rules – wear this but not that, stick to these shades and items and avoid everything else. It’s limiting, restricting, and only allows for a sliver of creativity and adventurousness. No wonder so many men’s brands get bogged down in light blues, white button-downs, and khaki chinos.

It’s with this rule-breaking, defiant vision – imbued with the spirit of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn – that Territory Ahead got its start in 1989. Back then, we wanted to reimagine the clothing company – not commodity and trend driven but, rather, reflective of the maverick spirit and allure of exploring new terrain. The result is what we call “Exceptional Clothing for Life’s Adventures”: simultaneously bold and functional, comfortable and impactfully unique, and rooted in our desire for adventure without compromising quality and craftsmanship.

What’s Different About Our Clothes

We hate to shop just as much as Huck would have, and there’s never a day where we wouldn’t want to be out looking for a new territory. That’s why we work tirelessly to bring you well-crafted and reasonably priced products meant to take you off the beaten path – wherever in the world that happens to be.

Yet, while we believe clothing should give you all the mileage to get there and back (and go farther the next time), we’ve made it our mission to search and scour the globe for wildly original fabrics and the most interesting details. You won’t find character, personality, or quality like this anywhere else, and whether you hail from the Gold Coast, the Heartland, or back East, our clothing fits the bill for everything from epic journeys to simple relaxation, and always has a story to tell.

While our own story has shifted from California to New England, our approach and vision haven’t done a 180. Our own designs – created here, in house – remain the root of our brand, as they have always been. And, when we curate other products, we don’t select just any items. Rather, we source from reputable brands acknowledged as experts in their respective fields.

Big picture, we continue to obsess over and refine the details, emphasize comfort throughout everything we do, and seek out qualities geared toward specific performance needs – for instance, multiple pockets, water resistance, and quick-drying, moisture-wicking properties for travel and other active pursuits. And, because clothing and adventures are never one-size-fits-all, we consider all types of guys. As you browse through our catalogs and website, you’ll find regular and tall sizes and short to long lengths.

Throughout every endeavor, Territory Ahead remains a small company – one that devotes our full attention to our clothing and prioritizes our customers above all else. We’ve had an open ear to your feedback from the get-go, and if you have any suggestions, we’re always ready to listen.

The original Territory Ahead catalog, released in 1989.

Our Definitive Products

"I can almost be certain that when I wear a shirt from Territory Ahead I will get at least one or two compliments that day. It never ceases to amaze me! Both men and women...complete strangers...will come up to me and ask, ‘Where did you get that shirt?’ Their products, though not inexpensive, are very well made, exhibit unique, interesting patterns, and are true to size. Territory Ahead has been my ‘go to’ place for shirts for the past eight years." - Richard in CO, 2018

Our catalogs and website have featured countless products over the years, with many eye-popping prints, long-lasting leather jackets, and soft corduroys released along the way. Yet, a couple of product lines exemplify the Territory Ahead brand and set us apart from the competition:

Our A-List Tees

You asked, and we listened. Started years ago in Santa Barbara and brought back by customer demand, our A-List Tees have earned their status within our lineup for their precise balance of sturdiness, soft comfort, and lightly faded, versatile colors. As the backbone for these midweight tees, 235g Tanguis cotton from Peru is known for its superior resistance, dye-ability, fine yet uniform fibers, and excellent breathability. Each season, we build upon this staple through new silhouettes and color combinations, proving that comfort indeed comes in many forms.

Mission Comfort Pants & Shorts

They’re a workplace basic, and they’re perfectly fine as casualwear, but frankly, chinos can be a bit boring – and, not to mention, stiff. This long-running series, started in New England, stays true to its name and solidifies our quest to improve upon and reinvent the standards.

On our mission to achieve complete and total comfort, we added extendable waist tabs that offer an extra 3 in. and infused midweight cotton twill with a touch of spandex. The finished product delivers two-way flexibility and a cool, breathable fit that’s just as ready to explore as it is to relax.

Beginning with this template, we’ve expanded upon our Mission Comfort line line to include linen, poplin, and nylon blends, ripstop construction, and various performance features, showing that our pants and shorts can go just about anywhere.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

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A-List Peruvian T-Shirts

"Excellent quality shirt for the money. Comfortable to wear and did not shrink or fade after washing a couple of times now. I would recommend this as a purchase."

"I really, really, really like these shirts because they are quite well-made, very comfortable, stay true to size, come in great colors, and because people tell me I look good in them. They also launder easily, and I've washed them on lots of trips to far-off places, seeking out my territory ahead."

"T-shirts of this quality and comfort level seem to be hard to find. I bought several of the colors I liked. The fit is just right for me (6'0'', 185 lb, take Large)."

"I have a bunch of these t-shirts and like them very much. They fade over time, but that does not bother me at all. They last a long time, and I have taken them on many trips to other countries, where they have been washed in all sorts of laundry facilities. They still look great and are very comfortable. Best feature, perhaps, is that they retain their shape very well."

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Old Steamboat's Plaid Cord Shirt

"The shirt is a perfect fit, warm and comfortable, on top of all that it looks good on me."

"Best cooler-weather shirts available. Great styles, great colors, perfect fit, stylish and fast delivery. I love these shirts.."

"Nicely made shirt, perfect weight. Not too heavy, not too light. It's so soft too."

"I have several of these shirts. They are very comfortable and well made. Beautiful colors and work great for layering."

"Soft corduroy shirt. Just what I needed. I've been looking for this item for years since my previous shirts wore out after years of service. I expect these to survive me and I will enjoy each and every moment."

"I love the softness and drape of the material and the fact that the shirts are comfortable for 3 season wear. The fit, like baby bear's porridge, is "just right" and they are proving to be quite durable. I bought my first "Old Steamboat" just under two years ago and as long as TA doesn't "improve" them, I intend to keep adding to the collection."

"I own pretty much every Old Steamboat Plaid Cord Shirt they made. As soon as the temperature dips below 60 on they go till the middle of Spring. Warm, comfortable like pajamas and last a long time. I am thinking my oldest shirts are 8-9 years old and only now showing some wear. When the temperature goes over 60 they get too hot and go into storage till the middle of Fall."

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Mission Comfort Waist Flat Front Chinos

"These are my go to every day wear pair of pants. The sizing is accurate so they fit well, launder well, and are very comfortable."

"My fourth pair of these pants. Great for work. The Comfort Waist is one the best features, and fit and quality is excellent. I've given these pants as gifts to my sons and they really like them. I take them out of the dryer warm and hang them immediately--no ironing needed, even after many washings."

"I have a difficult time finding pants that fit my waist and don't look like bell bottoms. These were perfect! I now have two of them and may order a third."

"This is the 5th pair of these I've purchased...I have the olive, the blue, the black and maize and now the mushroom. They are sooo comfortable. I'm in my 50's now and depending on how much I work out or binge, my waist can vary as much as an inch or two in a month. I typically wear a 38 jean, but by a 37 pant in these as they stretch so easily but aren't baggy. Highly recommend!"

"I now have three pair of these pants. Extremely comfortable, very well made. Fabric is soft, and the pants are tailored--these aren't your typical baggy saggy khakis that the other online stores sell. Absolutely the best pants I have owned. Excellent as business casual attire."

Falcon Bluff Leather Jacket

"This is one Bad-A! leather jacket!! Pics do not do it justice, it has much more character in person. Be prepared to tell everyone you see while wearing it "it comes from Territory Ahead"!! They'll be asking, I guarantee it! The fit is perfect and the length is the best part. Not a bomber / not a driving coat. A classy jacket!"

"Best leather jacket, at any price! Quality of leather and workmanship are impeccable..."

"Stunning jacket. Hard to imagine a nicer leather jacket at any price. Fantastic."

"This is an old friend. It's actually my second such jacket. I wore the first one and then finally lost enough weight that I was swimming in it. No doubt in my mind that I needed to get another, in the smaller size. Don't worry, I donated the first to a good cause. This wears terrifically, and is comfortable at a variety of temperatures and with or without some layering. Great jacket."

"This is undoubtedly the best looking, best fitting jacket I have ever owned. Proud to wear it."

"Just received my coat today and I must say, I could not be more pleased. As others have said, the fit is spot on and the leather quality outstanding. It even smells good. This is the single best product I have purchased from Territory Ahead. I thank all the other previous "reviewers" because their overwhelming satisfaction pushed me to purchase this coat. I will undoubtedly enjoy it for the rest of my life."

Check back in July – we’re getting more!