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The Cap Fits Cotton Twill Cap

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The Cap Fits Cotton Twill Cap: Innovative five-panel construction gives it a lower profile so that it sits and fits more streamlined on your head than regular caps. Made of soft, durable cotton twill with contrast binding. With an adjustable strap. Imported. One size.

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By Howard Bodner
June 16, 2019
"I've previously owned this hat in the bone color with blue trim pictured in the catalog, which is now called slate, and after loving it for some years, needed a replacement. The hat I just received, which I ordered in slate color, looks gray, and nothing like the pictured item, nor any of the other colors shown. It's acceptable as is, and the fit is good, although for $35 I can't claim to be thrilled."
April 10, 2019
"Great cap that fits smaller head sizes well. I often have a problem with one-size-fits-all hats as when I adjust them down to fit well they bunch up in the back, not this one. I bought the khaki with blue trim and have received several compliments."
April 10, 2019
"I love your hats, get a new one every spring. please bring back the orange color"
March 10, 2019
"The hat is very comfortable to wear and the color is awesome. "
By Mickey Duda
Geneva, IL
February 20, 2019
"I’m a big fan of these hats. This one is a quiet color but that isn’t a negative . Sometimes your day deserves a stand back and just look around while looking good. This color blends in nicely."
December 27, 2018
"Only hat my son-in-law will wear."
December 23, 2018
"Have had several of these hats over the years, like the style and fit."
By Alan Sweazea
Roswell, GA
November 25, 2018
"These hats are great looking. I have 5, two from several years ago and then I recently purchased the Black, the khaki and the slate. Now I’d like to purchase the blue with green trim, but it’s not listed as being available. Please continue offering the blue hat as well. Thanks! Alan"
October 06, 2018
"I love these caps and have several of them. Please bring back the lighter beige color. It's my signature hat! "
July 27, 2018
"A super hat! I need a new one because I last my lat one on a bus in Iceland."
June 20, 2018
"Great product "
June 17, 2018
"Great alternative to a typical baseball cap. "
June 13, 2018
"Outstanding. This is my second one!"
May 29, 2018
"Love IT! Great fitting cap and the low profile is perfect."
By Jim
laguna beach, CA
April 17, 2018
"This is my 5th cap I have purchased from you over the past several years and this new blue and green combo goes with everything. You hats are soft & smooth with just the right amount of ruggedness and they fit just right. On super hot days I rinse the cap in cold water which keeps my head and body nice and cool for several hours. I would wear it to be if I could get away with it, but I don't think my wife would like that."
March 30, 2018
"Sturdy, well-made hat. I got the slate hat and wore it on vacation. Like it a lot."
By Afran
Monroe, CT
June 24, 2017
"These hats are great. Bought them in several colors for my son. He loves them because they do not look like a baseball cap. Smartly styled, lovely material and good colors with contrasting trim for just that special touch. Need to make more colors available."
June 21, 2017
"i would definitely buy another. the fit is great. low profile, and the orange is a very pleasant shade. plus the trim is nice. i wear ball caps all the time so i have a good idea of what is comfortable "
By Ron
June 16, 2017
"Have had this cap before love the fit and look . Slate new color like it !! "
March 21, 2017
"Great cap. Not the typical shape of most baseball caps. Have received nice comments from friends."
November 29, 2016
"Close to being girly cap but I played golf in it and it served its purpose. "
By Joe Chaplain
Sonoma, CA
September 15, 2016
"I've gone through a lot of baseball style bill caps - this is the best made, most durable and most comfortable adjustable cap I've found. It just conforms to your head shape and stays put. I'm getting all four colors."
By Christine
August 10, 2016
"Excellent fit and my husband loves it."
By PickyPetite
July 05, 2016
"My husband said, "This cap is superior to others in that it is NOT a modified "bowl with a bill". The line of the cap curves over the ear so when you remove it, hat hair is not the first thing people notice about you. Comfortable wear, surprisingly cool, adjustable strap actually stays where it's been adjusted to (not ALL adjustable straps do that), and a crisp clean line. Kudos!""
May 19, 2016
"Love these hats. I now own one in each color. "
May 14, 2016
"The perfect baseball cap. Not the typical style cap. Have received lots of great comments. Very comfortable and excellent fit."
By David R. Walstrom
Marfa, TX
May 10, 2016
"Great hats! I am pleased with the colors, the quality of the material used, and the way they look."
May 03, 2016
"I have two or three of these hats. They are very comfortable. I would like to have the tan one but not with blue trim. "
By John DeLuca
May 02, 2016
"Great hat! I ordered Black. Adjustable, excellent quality and looks great. I will be ordering a second color... probably bone. I only wish there were more colors available like blue or red."
May 02, 2016
"Nice fitting hat and what I expected. Would recommend however price somewhat high. "
By Gabor
Redwood City , CA
April 30, 2016
"Maybe never had this kind of cap before. Excellent, I'm just going to buy an other one!"
By francis
Littleton, CO
March 31, 2016
"Cool, comfortable and no exterior marking. "
By Joe Needham
Bartlett, TN
January 26, 2016
"Finally got one of my caps back ordered from Christmas, one more to go! Must say they are very well made and I love the style. Hope to get more colors. Let me know TA when more become available.White"
By Sandman
Oceanside, CA
September 07, 2015
"I've become a connoisseur of hats trying to find one that's not too this or that. Tried one of these. Loved it. Bought another. Looking forward to the day the other colors are back in stock."
By slkdjflsd
Denver, CO
February 10, 2015
"My husband loves this cap. It's a little costy, but well made. Nice to have the cap sit up above the ears."
By waymon
dallas, texas
December 02, 2014
"I have many of these caps and I really like them. They fit well. I just wish they would add more colors, such as khaki with brown trim, brown with khaki trim, or khaki with red or black trim. Chocolate or dark brown with a beige trim would be nice also."
By nateflower
Ossining, NY
June 22, 2014
"I have three of these! Unexpected styling with simple comfort make this hat a GO-TO for me all the time. No logos, no blatant insignias, no teams- just a sharp looking cap. Love it, may have to buy another red one- my wife has decided it's her jogging cap."
By Tom Smith
Fort Wayne, Indiana
August 05, 2013
"Every time I wear one people praise it's look and ask where I got it. So I doff my cap and show'em the TA label. How about a grey cap with black trim and a brown cap with grey trim. I'm ready to order."
By Darin
Fort Collins, CO
July 06, 2013
"I bought 3 of the colors a couple of years ago, and I went back to buy the 4th but they were not offered anymore. Luckily, they are now back in stock minus one color. The red cap with blue trim has been replaced with reverse color scheme. I now own all of the colors and they fit so comfortably, that I will never buy another hat from anywhere else. The orange hat fades a little bit, but nothing too drastic. These caps are fantastic all away around. I just hope there are other colors available down the road. I recommend these to any person who likes a cap, and wants one that will last a lifetime."
By DaveH
Katy, TX
April 14, 2013
"I love these caps. I bought one and was impressed with the cut of the cap and bought another. I like the low profile fit and the contour of the edge of the cap over the ear - it's just right. The soft cotton fabric wears well and the colors are spot on. I have the orange and the green and like them both equally. Sometimes I like to wear a cap that's not advertising anything and this fits the bill."
By CBell
Lewisville, TX
March 27, 2013
"Great cap. Wanted to order these last Fall but tried just when they had removed them for the season. Was waiting for them to be offered again and ordered three this year. Great caps, nice profile and nice colors. Also Like the adjustment strap, hidden inside the cap lining."
By Adopt A Pet
March 20, 2013
"I bought this cap in the olive color for my husband last summer. He loves it for the fit and comfort, and it looks as good today as it did the day it arrived. I have never had an interest in wearing baseball caps, but after trying it on I decided he needed another one, just in case I wanted to occasionally wear it. By this time the caps were sold out, but I am so glad TA brought them back. I'm ordering two more because I have grown quite fond of wearing his when I walk the dog. It helps keep the sun out of my eyes and I love that it sits low on my head, and it's so comfortable I hardly realize I have it on. I would rename this THE GENIUS CAP! "
By Hank
Nashville, TN
February 11, 2013
"These are great caps, the only thing I would change on them is make the size adjustment strap velcro. But I like the caps regardless. Great looking and very comfortable. I only wish they had a red one! I bought all four!"
By remzy
August 16, 2012
"I absolutely love this cap !! I just went online to buy another one (MY THIRD) only to find it is no longer available. Please bring back this cap .... it is the only cap that really and truly fitS !!"
By Sojourner
South of the Mason-Dixon Line
August 09, 2012
"since I have a head on the larger-end of the hat-size scale, but the cap fits well (not too snug), and the olive color is just right."
By Hide03
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 25, 2012
"I purchased the green hat and when it came in I was so pleased with everything about it. The design is perfect, the fit is comfortable, the workmanship is excellent. I ordered 2 more. A number of people have asked me where I purchased this cap. That has never happened to me before. They definitely want to buy purchase this item too."
By RDG1954
Spencerport, NY
June 07, 2012
"This was the first hat I bought sans logo of some kind and I love it! Apparently I'm not alone because they sold out almost overnight. The fit is perfectly slouchy and casual and the unique panel construction makes for a low brim without having the body of the hat too big. Put your order in and be patient. It's a great hat."
By Britt
Boone, NC
May 31, 2012
"The looks and constuction of this cap are top-notch, but if you have a head that doesn't work well with low-profile caps, you may find this cap doesn't stay on your head very well."
By boomajamma
May 30, 2012
By barrya
Corrales, New Mexico
May 30, 2012
"This will be short and to the point. Bought one. My grown daughter visited, borrowed it and left with it still on her head - wouldn't give it back she liked it so much. So i bought another - white with blue trim. Bought my wife one in orange she liked mine so much. Get compliments on it every time i wear it. It's comfortable, fits great, looks good, feels lighter than most baseball caps. Buy it - you'll love it."
By Rabidvol
Loganville, GA
May 17, 2012
"I bought two of these hats for a 3 week long back packing trip in Utah. I am currently in the middle of that vacation and found a place with internet access - Escalante, UT. These hats fit beautifully. You can pull them down tight on your head. They stay on in high winds. The brim is longer than a normal ballcap so your eyes are well shaded. And the cut of the hat means that your ears don't stick out like Alfred E. Newman! It's fully adjustable so even pulled all the way down it doesn't pinch your forehead and make your head throb. The color is true to the picture on the website. I have the Stone, my partner has the Orange and we've convinced my mom to buy one! If I could give it 6 stars, I would."
By Blanch
Lafayette, LA
April 26, 2012
"I researched for the perfect no logo (on the front) cap for about 2 months and finally got it. Received the cap in about 3 days (great job TA), washed and air dried it to make sure it would hold up and not disappointed. Not sure what the little curve near the beak is for, but satisfied enough that I just ordered the other 3 colors. 5 stars on all, quality, fit and value."
By Scoman
Madison, AL
April 26, 2012
"Gotta say, this cap fits and wears very good. I have many caps and none are this comfortable."
By SteveD
Los Angeles,CA
April 26, 2012
"The name really says it all...this cap really fits right! Great colors and a low profile make for a hat that looks as good on as it does in print!"
By oldfart
fayetteville ga
March 12, 2012
"this is really the best cap i have purchased.great when boating and playing golf"
By Northwestsam
March 05, 2012
"As always, I am so impressed with the TA's innovative and stylish approach it takes with developing new products. This cap is no exception. I have never owned a baseball cap that was so comforatble while being stylish at the same time. The cap sits perfectly on my head, offers maximum protection from the sun, is well made, and is mosta affordable. If you want the best, this is it!!"
By mac278
March 04, 2012