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  • Our Difference is Our Craft

    Not only is it our craft, but it’s our labor of love.
    With an air of adventure and an unconventional, rule-breaking spirit (much like Huck Finn who has inspired us from day one), we sweat the details. Inside and out. Much like looking under the hood, quality is not just about the exterior. It’s the workmanship and level of detail inside that are equally important. Whether it be a specific size of thread, or the number of stitches per inch – we obsess over every element, that we may provide you with gear that becomes treasured companions.

    We are not mass produced. In some instances, we produce less than 100 pieces of an item, essentially a collector’s item when you think about it. This month you’ll discover texture, flavor, and personality found nowhere else. From rugged to relaxed to regal. Get ready, spring’s on the horizon.

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