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The Cold Day Union Suit

A little-known fact about the union suit: it originated in the 19th century as part of a German movement that advocated fresh air, nudism, ‘water massages,’ and other natural therapies a good hundred years or so before the hippie era. A simpler and more straightforward way of dressing was also part of this reform agenda, for women as much as men. So, no, the famed one-piece underwear unit hasn’t always just been a way for Grizzly Adams types to keep warm in their cabins. Nor has the union suit ever been quite this comfortable, which is a main reason we’re reintroducing this throwback style for the first time in years. Ours is made of lightweight, super-soft cotton jersey; you may find yourself wearing it around the house with slippers a little later into the morning than expected, and also gladly pulling a pair of wool trousers on over it once you’ve resolved to go out. Features a ‘drop seat’ (the polite term for butt flap) and ribbed collar and cuffs. Contrast stitching. Fisheye buttons. 100% Cotton. Classic fit. Imported. Machine wash.