Playa Blanca Blazer Shirt

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Color: White


There’s always a use for a great white “dress” shirt, but our latest rendition is nothing like the typical broadcloth one might wear. This shirt balances out upscale panache the way a reliable co-star grounds a famous leading man—and can anchor an understated look just as well. A mid-20th century classic, this collar was popularized in the '50s by Gary Cooper. The collar itself is a single piece that extends through the front torso and doubles as a placket. This reinforcing effect is that the collar stands on its own, without collapsing under its own weight—as is common when wearing a blazer sans tie. Hidden buttons are placed behind the collar points to help give the collar its distinctive “roll.” No top button and a curved top placket give it a uniquely casual look. Might we suggest matching it with a pair of go-to-hell pants, or else with understated trousers and one of our scene stealing batik blazers?

Elegant faux-shell buttons. Classic fit. 100% cotton poplin. Machine wash. Imported.