Sundeck Linen Blazer - Tall

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Color: Safari


Sundeck Linen Blazer

Sipping gin-and-tonics on a Cape Town veranda. Springing onto a friend’s yacht in the Caribbean. Sitting down to dinner at a Charleston lawn party. Occasions like these call for Old World summer dress, and here is the jacket that rises to them. Available in Cream or Safari shades, it hits a classic note without sacrificing modern comfort. Unlined, except at the yoke, it keeps you looking crisp in the heat. The tan version has some adventure in its DNA, while the off-white (a first for us in this style) is sophisticated enough to anchor a tropical tuxedo. Expertly tailored and finished with pick-stitching details at the lapels and shoulders, Both pair beautifully with our Mission Comfort Linen Chino. Classic fit. 100% linen. Machine wash. Imported.