Wayfarer Linen Travel Blazer - Tall

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Color: Rye


Wayfarer Linen Travel Blazer

That rustling you hear is the sound of a firmly established club and campus style easing up. Think of an Ivy League professor who’s nailed his summer sabbatical. Herringbone: tweedy, timeless, and vaguely evocative of the American Northeast and the British Isles. Linen: the traditional no-sweat tropical suiting fabric. The two meet in this travel-friendly tailored piece, which is in fact a linen-polyester blend. This gives it a slightly silkier hand and (you’ll thank us later) has the benefit of making it machine washable. It also reduces wrinkling. Whether you’re in the American South, coastal Italy, a New England summer enclave, or any number of other places, you’ll either want to have this on or tucked away in your luggage. Linen/poly blend. Imported